Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to the Oake Tree

Welcome, welcome and gather 'round!

I am Lilian, the tall.
I will be the Story-teller for this magical blog. Some stories shall be dark and frightening while others will be light-hearted and pure, but I assure you, every tale will have its fun.

I am a lover of all things fantasy.
Michael Jackson. (how do we really know he was real, hm?)

As you can tell, most of my online world is lonely and barren, so click here to find me in the Twitterverse and here to find me in the ever-so popular world called "Facebook."

I hope I can entertain you all as readers/listeners and maybe some day you can all join me on my wonderful dream-journey to getting professionally published! *ah, dreams*

I wish you all a fair and joyous morning/noon/evening!

-Story-teller Lily