Monday, December 2, 2013

On Writing

There are so many writers in the world these days and that's a wonderful thing! So many imaginations going wild! It gives me hope for our world when I see people spending their time story-telling and reaching out to people to share the swarming ideas in their minds and being accepted by so many!

Words are magic!

My personal style of writing doesn't seem too established just yet. I have what I think of as a personal style but I've yet to master it in a way that it comes across in all of my writing.

We all have things we need to work on, right?

I'm currently trying to get some foundation of readers, but that's hard to do when you don't have any writing out there, so, I posted my first piece of writing on a wonderful website called ""

It's only an excerpt but it's the first of many things to come! I would love it if someone could just take a moment - and I mean a moment (the excerpt is short) -to read and leave me some feedback. I'll post the link at the bottom of this page.

All I'm looking for is this:

CRITICISM. There is no way to grow without someone telling you what sucks and what doesn't. Especially in writing. And I'm not stupid. I know I'm not doing everything right.

HONESTY. I don't want anyone to hold back on their opinion of my writing just so they don't come across as mean. Trust me. I have thick skin.

PATIENCE. Patience in that I will work to get better but bettering oneself takes time.

That's it! Not too hard, right?

All right then! Below is the link. If you don't want to join the website to leave a comment, please leave me a comment here on this blog post.

Thank you all so much for your moment. A moment is a terrible thing to waste and I do hope that leaving me some feedback won't be deemed a waste!

-Story-Teller Lily

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